Starting to realize a dream

Got to school today (Kellogg School of Management) and the office had our graduation announcements ready for us. While I intellectually know that graduation is near, it wasn’t real to me until I saw the announcements. To get these from the school office underscored the point that we are close to the end.

I started looking at Kellogg in the early 90s and I was actually accepted into the Kellogg TMP MBA Program for the 1994 class and ended up not going because I took a position with Dell in ’94. I never lost the ‘dream’ to go to school there and applied for the MBA program in 2005. On June 9th, I’ll walk across the stage and get my graduate degree from one of the top Executive MBA universities in the entire world.

Dreams are important and they aren’t bound by the confines of time. While you may need to delay the pursuit of the dream you should never give up on them. I’m graduating at 46 years old. Never too late. The term ‘don’t give up on your dreams’ is NOT a cliche!

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