Some good business tools that I’ve found

There are two books that I would highly recommend for people looking to develop sharper business skills. One is a book on interpersonal relationships (targeted at business styles) and the other is on marketing and branding.

The first, Alpha Male Syndrome, by Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlander, is an excellent book. A description of the book reads, “In Alpha Male Syndrome, Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson build on their Harvard Business Review article “Coaching the Alpha Male”—sounding a wake-up call to all alphas and the companies they work for. The authors show alphas how to leverage their unique strengths while confronting their destructive “flip side risks”….”

Additionally, the authors offer a free online assessment to measure your Alpha Traits. It’s worth it just to take the test. The instant feedback is very powerful and will provide quick insights that you may find amazing.

The second treasure is Duh! Marketing which is the brainchild of Liz Goodgold. She has books and CDs that are very helpful but one of the really neat things that Liz has is the monthly DUH! Award emails where she details information on good marketing campaigns and dumb marketing campaigns. They are funny and informative and, most importantly, free.

Check both of these tools out, I think that you’ll like them.

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