Using iTaggit to post items for Sale or Trade

iTaggit has a great feature in that items that have been posted for sale or trade show up in a public collection titled ‘items for sale or trade’. Any item posted for sale on eBay through iTaggit or put up for trade using the ‘Trade This Item’ item action automatically get posted to the public collection. This collection is available to search engines so items posted in their also may get picked up by the search engines. This increases the visibility opportunities for items that you are trying to sell or trade.

This feature is free to users and expands the number of people that are likely to see the item. Try it – it’s easy – and FREE!

Using iTaggit to add depth to your Craigslist listing

There is neat utility in iTaggit called ‘Publish’ that allows users to generate HTML code about an item stored in iTaggit and to allow embedding in other web apps.
This feature is used today to add items to and other cool sites. I just listed my Jeep on Craigslist and was able to use it to do the same thing.

This means that you can essentially add multiple pictures, video, links, and documents about your items to your listing by using the html generator. What you do is use the Publish menu option, select and copy the html code, go into your craigslist listing, and paste it in the description field. Below is what you will get: