Back online and writing again

OK, so I’ve been a little busy for the past two and a half years.  You’ll notice that my last post was in June of 2008.  That’s because in July of 2008 I was asked to return to the company that I founded in 2001 (Motion Computing) by the company’s board of directors.  The gig was supposed to be a short-term (up to 6 months) effort to jump back into the company to help the CEO and executive team.  The company had been losing some of the momentum that was seen in the early years and was seeing numerous challenges in 2008.

For those of you that may have followed me prior to starting the blog and creating, I went back to grad school in the fall of 2005 at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and I left Motion in early 2006 to focus on school and do another startup.  I stayed on the board for about a year and then left the company for good.  I graduated from Kellogg in May of 2007.  During my final year at school I really had little/no contact about Motion and was focused primarily on working with my co-founders on

Well, my six month gig was more than I anticipated.  In January of 2009 the board moved me into the role of CEO and so began the journey that continues today.  After 2 years in the role we have made significant progress and I have been able to apply much of what I learned at Kellogg and have gained a new appreciation for some of the changes and challenges facing executives in the technology business.

In the area that our business is centered, the mobile technology arena, there are four major areas of change that are related and evolving at a rapid pace.  Networking (broadband, Wireless WAN, and Wireless LAN), Application delivery, mobile (and non-mobile but new) computing devices, and international expansion are all driving massive changes in the markets.

This blog will tackle subjects that I’m seeing in the industry – trends, challenges, and business learnings around the technology world.  I’m hopeful that the postings will be of interest and value to readers.

Sharing the craziness….

Alright, it’s time that I jump in and try this blogging thing out. Friends have told me that my life is just crazy enough to be partially interesting. I’m going to try to update this on a daily basis but since I’m not much of a creature of habit we’ll see how it goes….

A little background. I have a wonderful wife and three great kids. I have to say ‘kids’ carefully because my oldest daughter is 19 years old and away at college.

I am the CEO of a small startup in Austin, Texas called iTaggit. It’s a web-based service company which provides cataloging and asset management tools to people. I’m also a minority owner of the Austin Wranglers, an Arena Football League team and am the acting CMO for the team.

On top of that, I’m one of the founders of a Tablet PC company, Motion Computing and while I’m no longer active in the day to day operations, I am still a board member.

Finally, I’m just finishing up my Executive MBA at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. I’ve been flying between Chicago and Austin every two weeks for the past two school years. Graduating in June.

Each of these activities gives me lots of interesting stuff to write about (at least to me). I’m tired from just writing what I do! Tomorrow I’ll pick a topic and start writing.