Quickly adding items to iTaggit using the Amazon Add Item Feature

One of the most daunting tasks for new users of any website that uses user-generated content is how to get stuff in. In the case of iTaggit the question is ‘how do I quickly add items to my account’? The ADD ITEM USING AMAZON wizard comes to the rescue!

When you go to add an item to iTaggit you are presented with the screen above. You can add items individually or by loading in a group of pictures, but the quickest way is to choose the IMPORT FROM AMAZON.COM option.

Most people think that Amazon only has books, movies, and music but they are WRONG! Amazon has one of the most comprehensive databases of items available. You can find almost anything! In the search below you can see that I was able to import information on a Tailgate for a Ford F250 pickup!

Once you have added the item you then can put it into either a collection or your wishlist. The really cool thing about this feature is that it adds a Buy from Amazon link into the record so if someone sees this on your wishlist (or in your collection) they can click on the link to buy a similar item.

Try out the feature, it’s a great way to QUICKLY build your wishlist or personal collections.

The next economy

The economic situation continues to change as our excessive consumption catches up with us. This isn’t a viewpoint from a radical anti-capitalist, it’s the view of a excessive consumer. As our money supply tightens people are going to begin to look at what they have collected and try to convert it to a more fungible commodity (ie, cash!). In order to do this, people are going to need to find tools that help them organize collections of the things that they own or are no longer using.

This surplus asset base is ripe for harvesting. As people are tightening up on cash they are looking for deals. Maybe a used DVD or piece of furniture is a better investment than forking out cold hard cash for new stuff. Maybe there’s a need for liquidity and that comic book collection could bring some needed dollars back into the account. Not only does that person need to manage collections of their things, but they also need to research their collections. One of the biggest barriers to selling on sites like eBay is the fear of being ripped off. iTaggit is trying to provide tools to help users manage, organize, and research the value of things that they have.

I’m interested in research about how much true value is sitting dormant in people’s homes. Think about your home. How much money do you have tied up into surplus assets?

New eBay Listing feature on iTaggit

This week iTaggit unloaded a new tool to help users organize collections. The eBay listing tool allows users to post items from inside iTaggit directly into eBay. eBay registered users can post directly from iTaggit while non-registered users can create an account with eBay while working in iTaggit. Users will find this new feature very helpful as they manage collections.